When organizing a birthday party an important aspect is represented by decorations. Either if throw the party at home or you choose to rent a special place for it, you need to update the room to make it look more appropriate for the occasion. If your birthday is coming soon here are some ideas to help you have the best party ever.

Decorating ideas for an inside birthday party

Use glitter balloons to provide a sparkly ceiling for your guests or colour the ceiling with hanged ribbons. Use fringe garlands for hiding the walls, or if you throw a surprise birthday party for your best friend cover the walls with photos of him in different moments of his life. Try to choose the funny ones, with his family and friends. Use dark luminaria jars to glow in the dark if your birthday is around Halloween and wrap around the jars pieces of ribbons to create different shapes of neon light. Make a wishing box for your friends to write you a birthday wish and open it after the party, or better you can open it the next year and read it out loud to have a good time about the old times.


Decorating ideas for an outside birthday party

If it is summer outside and you have a backyard that could be the proper place to throw the best party for your birthday. Bring some tables outside, tie coloured ribbons on the back of the chairs and use candles as table arrangements. Also, you can use as table arrangements clear bottles instead of flower vases, and tie the top of them with balloons. If you have any trees in your yard wrap lights around them, hang some balloons which have glowing sticks inside, for the night time, or replace the balloons with sash fringed ribbons hanged from the tree branches. Also, you can design some glow stick eyes if your birthday theme is “Glow in the Dark”, or maybe if you are just trying to scare your friends with “someone hiding in the bushes”. You can put signs to indicate different fun areas in your garden, or write some funny things on the signs “wrong way”, “ this way”, “down”, “off with your heads”.


Birthday parties are an occasion to have fun with friends, remember how you met and what keeps you as a group, and a beautiful decorum is just the perfect setting for celebrating such a special day.