The holidays are knocking at your door and children just can’t wait to start decorating the Christmas tree and receive lots of gifts. For parents it is not such a jolly time due to the fact that they have to spend a lot of money on presents and home decorations that do not last from year to year. Interior decorations are usually expensive and many exceed their budgets in order to assure their children a beautiful Christmas experience. However, many have got creative and started to make their own ornaments and as a result save more money for the children’s presents. Here are some ideas from which you can get inspired.

Recycling old stuff

This way, not only will you protect the environment by not throwing away used items, but it is more pocket-friendly. One possible idea is to utilize cups or bowls in order to fill them with decorative items such as candles or pieces or garland that can no longer be used for display purposes or to purchase some inexpensive colored paper and tare it into pieces. In addition to this, the leftover Christmas wrapping paper can be used for the New Year party as well. Most of us already have lying in their houses ribbons from previous parties and events which can be reused in order to coat votives and candleholders. All it takes is to use the leftover pieces and glue them to the cup and use a pallet of colors.

Making your own decorations

In this activity you can even involve the children and teach them craftwork. Sashes can be used in order to make a nice Christmas garland that you can attach to the mantelpiece or the windows for a more festive look. The drapes should contain as many colors as possible. Besides this, you can improvise a bow wreath by gluing together multiple pieces of colored ribbons and the process does not take more than twenty minutes. Bows can even be wrapped around the chairs from the dining room. With old tree decorations, you can give them a new life by putting glitter on them. A further creative idea is to insert pinecones into gold paint and after they have dried, place them on the dinner table. If you want to do something for the entire family, then you should make an inspiration board and attach sashes to the board with a stapler.

In conclusion, you do not have to have a large budget in order to enjoy a pleasant holiday experience. You can figure out by yourself how to reuse old decorations, or if you are looking for craft ideas, the Internet is full of suggestions.