Christmas is not necessarily all about the gifts, it is about decorations too. People love ornaments so much that they do not even wait until Christmas Eve to start embellishing their homes. They rather begin decking the halls about two weeks before the actual day. After all, it is difficult to resist the temptation when shops and TV adverts constantly promote the festive season. To transform your house into a warm home you can either get the old Christmas decorations from the attic or do something special this year. More precisely, dress up your home with vivid ribbons. Sashes and bows and not only suitable for wrapping gifts, but for giving the house a festive look. If you are out of ideas, here is what you can do.

Transform the rooms

Ribbons function very well as design elements, not to mention that they are cheaper compared to store ornaments. Since ribbons are similar to textiles, they are available in every pattern and colour. This means that if you are looking for something red or green, you’re in luck. Finding brilliantly coloured red sashes to accentuate your living room is quite easy. Make several bows from yards of ribbon and place them on doorknobs and banisters. You can even place garlands of ribbons above the closet or dresser. If you are brave enough, then make a large rosette and use it as a ceiling decoration.

Embellish the Christmas garland

Since it is the holiday, you can make some efforts. To make a good impression on your guests, use Christmas ornaments that stand out. If you do not have any special ones, then you can upgrade the ones you have. Adding ribbon to the garlands you place around the windows or on the mantel truly makes a difference. You have the possibility of weaving the ribbon around the garland and leaving some trail down, or you can simply attach premade bows for a splash of colour. Ideally, you should do both because this way your display will certainly pop.

Colourful ribbons for the tree

Christmas tree decorating with ribbon is a fun activity that you can carry out with your children. To add an innovative touch to the holiday décor, decorate the tree with multi-coloured ribbons, don’t stick just to one colour. Not only will the vivid colours bring your children joy, but they make the tree seem more interesting. The good news is that ribbons work great with your old ornaments too. Choose something sparkly to complement your retro decorations.