Copper has long been used in various industries due to the fact that it has a high thermal conductivity and is thus suitable for various applications. What most people don’t even know is the fact that they come across copper every day. But how is this possible? Well, copper is present in various appliances, not to mention in the décor. Since copper is such a sought out material in the recycling industry, financially it is worth searching your home for copper. Copper is a very desirable for companies dealing with metal recycling and there are many companies out there willing to buy yours for a handsome price. To find out more about what a recycling company can do for you, search on internet. Instead of tearing the house, read this article and find out where you have to look. You will do yourself some good and you will contribute to the protection of the environment as well.

Take a look at small electronics

Everyone knows that television sets and computer monitors contain wires and circuit boards. However, what they you may not know is that these components are manufactured from copper. Indeed, there is a lot of work when it comes to scrapping metal from a television tube owing to the fact that you have to extricate it from the surrounding casing and plastic. This also explains why many scrap yards will not be very happy when you turn up with monitors. So, what is there to do? Well, you can make some effort and snipe the wires using a pair of scissors and take the material to a recycling company. Neither should you neglect computer monitors because they contain a high amount of insulated wire. Just take the old computer apart and take the board and hard drive. After all, it is time to upgrade to something new and performing. You can buy a flat screen TV and make your house seem more stylish.

Do you really need old appliances?

If your intention is to make money off scrapping metal, then your old appliances are real gold mines. Anything that is related to cooling or heating contains copper parts. Copper is mainly used to make heating appliances because it is energy efficient, reason why you should not neglect fans, boilers or washing machines. Getting rid of these old appliances even may convince your husband to buy new ones. A washing machine would be an excellent addition to your home, but so would be a new fan during the hot season. New fans are smaller and more fashionable anyway. On the other hand, freezers and refrigerators are also good. The only thing to pay attention to is the gas emissions.

Are you renovating or decorating by any chance?

In the course of renovation projects people usually replace the wiring with improved, energy efficient one, meaning copper wires. Instead of throwing the copper away in the trash, you can salvage it. Copper tubes in particular are used for both residential and business applications owing to the fact that it allows the heat to spread evenly. Therefore, you can still find them in old decors and fittings. However, when it comes to the home décor you will be doing yourself a service if you let go of old copper statues. Instead of exposing the gnome any longer, scrap it and use the money to buy a beautiful ornament.