Decorating the bedroom is one of the most difficult tasks when you’re renovating or redecorating the home, because you want a perfectly restful atmosphere that still manages to follow your tastes and be pleasing for the eye. While employing an interior decorator is the simplest solution, you can take matters into your own hands as well, and come out on the other side much cheaper and feeling much more accomplished. Interior decorators always try to make you buy the most expensive things because they have high standards and a clear vision of what they want. Even though that is perfectly normal, not everyone can afford to buy designer furniture, so the best solution is to rely on your own talent and strengths.

To help you put your plans to practice, we have a few DIY bedroom decorating ideas that you can either put to practice or which can inspire you to create your own unique accessories and decorations for the bedroom. All you need is a little imagination and some free time, and you’ll see that you enjoy this more than you’d have thought.

  • Faux frame – Every bedroom needs a mirror, especially if it’s a girl’s bedroom; you can make your own vanity by taking a small wooden table and painting it in a rich and daring color, in shabby chic style. Place a stool in front of it and lay all your cosmetics on the table. A big mirror is necessary, and you can hang it directly on the wall; you can even hang multiple mirrors of various shapes, and create faux frames or fake frames for them by painting them directly on the wall. Add a small lampshade and a hall stand with cute hats and scarves and you’ve got the perfect feminine corner.
  • Unique wall decorations – These are some of the simplest and funnest DIY bedroom decorating ideas because there’s no limit to what you can do. The above idea with multiple mirrors is one of them; another one is taking an old crate and cleaning it, painting it, and sticking reels on its bottom; you then take it and hang it on the wall facing you and you’ve got an ideal hat or jewelry rack. You’ve got plenty picture frames and don’t know what to do with them? Hang them empty on the wall, one withing another, or positioned in interesting combinations.
  • Create a headboard – You can make this out of diverse materials, or even paint it on the wall; take two curtains of similar size and hang them on the wall above the bed, letting them fall down in waves about the head of the bed. You can complete them with beads, or with some paintings. You can make a headboard out of old planks, out of a big map that you can glue to canvas or cardboard and so on. DIY bedroom decorating ideas are usually about re-purposing old items, so keep that in mind.
  • Revive a lampshade – If you have old lampshades that you were thinking of throwing away, think again. You can just purchase new fabrics and make new ones; a coat of paint, some scissors and glue and a colorful fabric can turn your lamp into a new and attractive accessory.
  • Make your own wall art – By using duct tape, collages, glue and paints you can create unique paintings that don’t require any drawing skills; take a piece of canvas of cardboard and stick thin duct tape on it to create various shapes; choose two or three colors and then fill those shapes. You can remove the duct tape, or glue buttons or beads on it. You can also use string, old bottle caps, pieces of fabric, patterned paper, glitter, quotes cut from old books and so on.

When it comes to DIY bedroom decorating ideas, there is no limit to what your imagination can do; moreover, the internet can be a constant source of inspiration, and you’ll find a community of people already doing their own home projects and willing to share their experiences with others.