Where other place do you spend most time, than in a little place called home? Your house is the place you sleep, the place where you eat dinner with your family, or watch a movie on a lazy Sunday. A home should always have the touch of one’s personality, and never be neglected. If you’re a joyful person, who likes to stand out, why should your room or home be any different?

Colour it up!


If you chose simple, plain white, when painting your walls, and later regretted your choice, try to give it life by decorating it in a more cheerful way. An easy, efficient way to make a room pop is by simply buying some ribbons and creating different decorations using them. A unique method to create an exquisite room is hanging ribbons, on the colours of you choice, on your chandelier or celling top on different. This way you will create a whole other room with just a few fabric pieces. You can easily purchase ribbons online. Scroll between the many options you have, and pick the ones that fit your personality.


Details make the difference


If you always enjoyed surprising guests with unique items from your home, you know that the little things can bring the whole room together.  If you can’t afford buying new and fancy décor pieces, no problem, give a special touch to the ones you already have. If you have some white candles laying around, that you’re tired and bored to look at, or even light them, no problem, just wrap them in rosettes ribbon and the result is simply wow. If you enjoy having fresh flowers in your bedroom or on the dining table in your living room, but you ran out of ideas in how to making them into unique arrangements, try tying them with a ribbon of your favourite colour, or you can even wrap the vase you put them in. Another great idea could be accessorizing the counter of your bed or even your bedroom door with ribbons that will match the rest of the interior. There are so many options and ideas online, just waiting for you to check them out. You can give your home a proper makeover, use your imagination, look online for ribbons, on sites such as the one listed above, and just let your creativity kick in. Your home will have a new vibe that you will definitely love.