If you want to protect your belongings from your kitty’s sharp claws, we advise you to offer it its own piece of furniture, a place where your pet can play, hide, scratch and purr. Giving the wide range of cat playgrounds that exist on the market, you can be confident that you will find cat furniture that you can easily blend into your interior design. Furthermore, we guarantee you that by taking in consideration the next suggestions, you will turn any cat product into an addition to your home decor.

Opt for neutral colors

Although there are many fun cat playgrounds that integrate colorful elements, they can act as a distraction from other important decorations, and they can draw attention away from more important things. Therefore, we advise you to opt for a cat furniture that features the same colors like the rest of your furniture. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for cat shelves, cat trees, and many other cat-friendly furniture, but no matter what you decide on, take note that your pet’s playground should include a scratching post. Felines have to keep their claws sharp, so they need a scratching surface for grooming their claws and for marking their territory. Having a pet comes with many responsibilities, which is why you have to offer it anything it needs to feel safe and to stay happy.

Choose a playground that can be assembled in different combinations

Opting for a cat furniture that can be assembled in various combinations can match any type of interior design, because it gives you the possibility to build a play structure any way you want, allowing you to use platforms, accessories and other components in order to fit your house decor. Therefore, we suggest you to opt for a playground that comes with interchangeable elements which can be assembled to meet your expectations. Moreover, if you re-configure the playground from time to time, you will offer your pet new, adventurous alternatives for playing, which will keep it engaged and well entertained. We all know that cats have an instinctive need for exploring, so you should try your best create a fun environment for them.

Hide the sandbox

Although cats are cute and fun, their sandbox doesn’t provide a nice view, so you should use a stylish cabinet to hide it. Keep in mind that the cabinet must have special holes, for allowing your pet to enter and exit it easily every time it needs to use the litter box. We guarantee you that your fluffy friend will love this type of improvement, especially since it can use it for multiple purposes. Furthermore, it can use it for perching, climbing, lounging and hiding.