The only space you should be investing it is the living room taking into consideration that this is the place where you receive guests and spend most of your free time. Decorating a room will not necessarily leave you with a headache and you can create a stunning room with just a little bit of time and effort. If you are looking to change the appearance of the black walls on a budget, then there are many solutions you can try. One of them would be to turn your own images into a work of art, meaning a canvas print. However, there are many ideas you can try.

Set the tone for the room

Choosing an appropriate color pallet is the best way to change the aspect of the living room. Colors such as blue and green give the space a calming effect. On the other hand, vibrant colors like red and orange are energizing, meaning that you may not be able to relax. The decision depends largely on your personality. If you are the type who enjoys standing out, then you make eccentric combinations as long as the colors complement each other. Above all, you have to pick colors that you would like seeing on a daily basis.

Art for your wall

Framed photos are not as impressive as canvas prints. What is unique about them is that they add a variety of colors and at the same time a note of intrigue. You don’t need to match the prints to the colors of the furniture because rich colors complement each other in a way or the other. Therefore, varying shades is acceptable. Canvas prints are easy to obtain so that you can choose any subject that comes to mind. Since many companies do personalized prints you can decorate the walls of your living room with photographs. Thanks to performing software, you can bring your memories to life and make collages as well.

Update furniture pieces  

While this is not the cheapest idea, replacing the old pieces of furniture will definitely give the living room the lift you want. You can either choose between neutral textures that transform your space into an autumn retreat or go for the more elegant pieces such as coffee table, footstool storage solutions for books and a classic leather sofa. A sofa not only suits your space, but it allows you to relax with friends or to curl up after a hard day of work.