The hallway is generally one of the most ignored spaces in a house or an apartment, because it is just a means of getting from one living space to another. However, this isn’t exactly true, and a neglected hallway can ruin the whole vibe and atmosphere of a house, especially if you put a lot of effort into decorating the bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. There are many hallway decorating ideas that you could apply in order to transform this area into a welcoming transition, or into a dramatic space that contrasts the actual rooms and takes you out of the comfort zone.

The trick is to imagine whether the hallway you’re thinking of redecorating could be used as a practical space. If your hallway also has a window, perhaps you can add a chair and a small table and turn it into a reading area, or a space where you can sip a coffee. These hallway decorating ideas work best with upstairs hallways, which are usually wider and aren’t interrupted by the front door. You can put a lively curtain in white or pale yellow, to create a warm atmosphere, and a small round table with a flower vase.

As for the hallway downstairs, that is adjacent to the front door, it too can look special if you invest a bit of time. You can decorate it with elements like a hanger, but in order to give it more style, cover it with interesting bags and hats. Another one of the inspiring hallway decorating ideas that you can apply is decorating one wall with hats, by hanging them in nails. A mirror is always useful at the front door, and it can also create the illusion of more space. Use a big old suitcase instead of a bench if you have one, and you can also use it as storage space for shoes and other accessories.

In order to create a beautiful hallway, you have to create a story; whether you’re a romantic or you like dramatic images, patterned wallpaper can change the way you look at the hallway. If the hallway is next to stairs, you can use the space beneath the stairs to store objects, or to create a work space if a small table fits. These and many other hallway decorating ideas that you can find online or in specialized magazines are easy to apply, and they can also become a relaxing and pleasant hobby.