Moving from home to college is a huge step for every student, you will have to decide upon the type of accommodation you will choose, and what faculty you will opt for. It is recommended to choose a student accommodation, because you will find easier to get accustomed with your new life. If you choose to rent your own flat for example, you will find more difficult to learn during exams and you will skip a lot of fun. Therefore, take your time to look for student accommodation Edinburgh Universities, and when you find the one, which meets all your requirements, you do not have to hesitate to book it. You might think that it would not be the same as living at home, but just because you rent a place, it does not mean that you do not have the opportunity to decorate it according to your preferences.

Cover the walls

Because the property owner does not know exactly if a man or woman will rent the space, you will probably find a room painted in nude tones, which can fit every style. Therefore, if you are the type of person who has at home a colourful room, you should know that you have the possibility to decorate the walls of the room. One option would be to use photos of your loved ones, or with places you visited or you intend to visit. They not only that will stop you feeling homesick, but they will also remember you about your plans, because students tend to ignore their plans when getting to college. And what’s more you will become the most popular person from the dorm, because everyone will hear about your amazing wall and they will come to meet you. In case you consider that the pictures will overwhelm the room, you have the opportunity to use a world map, and to colour every country when you visit it.

Create a colour scheme

As stated, the room might be decorated in a nude colour pallet, which will offer you the opportunity to jazz it up with new pops of colour. You have the possibility to add new curtains, because these are the types of objects, you can use to change the whole look of the room. If you want to create a playful look, you can use two different colours for the curtains, one for the left side and one for the right. Other change you can bring the room is with the help of the pillows, you only have to pill them up, and they will transform the bed into a lesser bed and make it more inviting and loungeable. It will become perfect for spending the late gossip nights with your friends and colleagues. Take a look online, you will find there plenty of articles which are stating the meaning behind different colours, and according to the way you feel, you should choose some of them to create a colour scheme for your room.