One of biggest problems people face in all relocations is packing decorative pieces, especially those that are made of glass. Although you might have decided to hire a dedicated company to do the work, finding out a few tips on the matter could be useful.


The art of packing


When moving to a new home, one of your biggest issues is packing your things, especially your decorative pieces you care deeply about. People who have gone through this experience in the past know very well that certified companies know how to adequately pack such items, keeping them safe and secure throughout the transit. Still, if you want to be part of the process, then you might want to personally pack all your decorative pieces. There is an art of packaging that professional movers master, so it might be a good idea to find out and use some of their secrets.

Glassware and collectible items


This is the category of items that worries home-owners the most. Being fragile, they can be easily broken throughout the move. This is why you should consider the following tips. Purchase bubble wrap and make sure that you have plenty of newspapers around the house. Always cover the bottom of the box with bubble, as this layer will protect your items when the box is placed in the vehicles and reaches the new location. Also, take the time to wrap each item separately, in newspapers. If you have valuable collectibles, then treat them with great caution. Instead of newspapers, use bubble wrap. Make the relocation company staff aware of the boxes in which fragile items are found.


Wrapping up paintings and mirrors


When wrapping up paintings or framed mirrors, there is one thing you have to be careful about. You have to make sure that the glass protecting the painting or the mirror will not move throughout transport. So, specialists advise you to apply paper adhesive tape on the frame in a star shaped pattern. After doing so, bubble wrap is necessary. This will also protect the glass from breaking. In case you have valuable frames with detailed corners and you desperately want to protect them, then you could buy corner guards or protectors that are made of foam or cardboard. These can be easily found in dedicated stores. Also, the removals company you have hired should be able to offer you a few in case you forget to buy your own.


Protecting your carpets


Another aspect you might want to carefully treat when moving is wrapping up the carpets. If you know that your rugs are not only sentimentally valuable, but also financially, you should take care of them as best as possible. Always roll up your carpets tightly. Then, you should cover them up with gauge plastic. The rug has to be securely wrapped in plastic so that nothing can stain it when moving it to the new location.


As you can see, there are a few tips worth knowing when it comes to wrapping your most prized possessions. You should take on the task of packing your decorative items especially if you know that these are irreplaceable. The relocation company can take care of the rest of the furniture.