Ribbons have always been used for decorative purposes. You can easily see the paintings in which women appear dressed in beautiful, long, elegant outfits and somewhere there, you can spot a ribbon, used to complete the dress. So, there is really no doubt about it. Bows are used in decorative purposes. However, their power to embellish things is much greater than you thought. Ribbons can be part of all sorts of projects and to convince yourself of this fact, here are three examples in which these items do come very much in handy. Knowing exactly how to use a decorative ribbon, your life will be much more beautiful and certainly, more colourful.

The dress


In the wardrobe of any woman, there is that one dress that is special, that is one of a kind. When you put it on, you feel like a new woman. You feel better about yourself and your entire mood changes, for the better of course. You seem happier and more confident in yourself. However, it might happen that the dress you always regard as the perfect one, start to be missing something. The solution is not to quickly go to the store, in search for the new perfect dress, but bringing the old one back to life. The easiest solution is to invest in ribbons and bows, in beautiful strong colours, with patterns or simple. You will see how this little item will completely change the dress and revive it.


The home


Your home is part of your life and it is only natural to try to embellish it as much as possible and to make sure that it looks according to your needs and taste. It is important to get involved in all decorating activities. Still, there is always a budget for all the changes you would like to make. This shouldn’t mean you ought to give up. What you should do is try to search for simpler, cheaper solutions. The ribbon project is an idea you could definitely make use of. Ribbons come in different colours and patterns and sometimes, these can bring something new and fresh to your home. A ribbon strategically placed on a curtain or on the cutlery when setting the table will bring forward a different feeling and it will seem as if you have changed something without investing a large sum of money.


The gift and bouquet


You are planning to surprise one of dearest friend for her birthday. You have already bought her a gift and you are thinking about offering her a flower bouquet as well. In both these cases you could really use ribbons and bows to better decorate your surprise. This way, your gifts will be complete. When you will see the collection of ribbons you have to choose from, you will understand why it might take a while to actually settle for a single product. Chances are you are going to buy several items. But the good news is that offering present is certainly an activity you will come across with.