Christmas holidays are probably the most wonderful time of the year. However, some people feel tense when this period approaches, because they are always in the rush of finding the perfect gift for their loved ones. Moreover, when it comes to wrapping presents, they always lack inspiration. 

Wrapping paper

An alternative to gift bags is wrapping paper, which comes in various colours, patterns and sizes, and you can choose the one that suits your present. Wrapping paper is very important when it comes to presents, and especially the way you use it, because it can make your gift look more attractive. You should know that beautiful packages make people smile, so wrapping presents can make a huge difference in the way people appreciate your gift. For instance, even if you choose a simple brown paper, you can always accessorize it with pinecones or any colourful element in order to make it look more special.

Ribbons make the difference

If you do not have a very attractive wrapping paper, you can always save your present with a beautiful ribbon. Especially during Christmas holidays, you can find a wide variety of colours and patterns for your ribbon, so you do not have to worry about not finding the one that fits your needs. You can even opt for ribbons that have various Christmas themed messages printed on it. If you do not like classic ribbons, you can opt for self-adhesive ones. You can even let your imagination run wild and create a certain design.


If you have forgotten to purchase ribbons for your presents, you can always replace them with homemade pompoms. They are very easy to make and they do not even require much time to be done. Moreover, they look great on brown wrapping paper for instance, especially if they have vivid colours. All you need is some yarn and a pair of scissors and everything is done in no time. Keep in mind that when you make pompoms, you have to set apart the proper amount of yarn in order to envelop the present. No matter what technique you use, you should know that some people appreciate it more when they see an attractive present, because they realise that you have worked tooth and nail to make that present look good.