Garages are often the most neglected parts of the house, especially when they aren’t used to park the car, but merely to store all the things people have hoarded over the years. Among these tons of items, you might also have things you actually still need, like tools and gardening items, winter clothes or Christmas decorations. But how on earth are you ever going to find these when all you can see are piles and piles of mess? If you feel like you do not benefit from your garage space at all, then you should think of restoring it and give back its usefulness. Planning a proper makeover and buying some garage storage shelves are the first steps towards an organized garage, where everything has its place, including your car.

Rethink your hoarding habits


Start by getting rid of all the unnecessary things you have stocked your garage with. You will realize how much space you have saved only by throwing away all the useless items you have kept in there. Not only that, but the next time you hold something that you have no further use for and think about taking it down to the garage, think twice. After you’ve recycled, donated, thrown away everything you don’t need or use anymore, you can begin really organizing your belongings and storing them properly. The simplest way would be boxing everything you’ve got, labeling the boxes and placing them on garage storage shelves, which can take several forms and sizes, depending on the weight of your loads. However, items like bikes, some sporting gear or gardening tools can’t really be boxed, in which case you need to consider ceiling hooks, pulley systems or louvre panels for tools. While you find the right storage solution for each of your items, remember one thing: if it’s broken, chipped or faulty, it’s a no keeper.

Be innovative

As mentioned above, there are many types of garage storage shelves, from metal shelving units and wooden wall fixed systems and so on. If you want your garage to be organized in the most efficient manner and to make the best use of your floor space, then you shouldn’t limit your options when it comes to buying storage units and shelving for your garage. In addition you can be innovative and use other things that you may have at hand to complement your storage systems. Let’s say you bought a strong and sturdy shelving unit which takes great loads and you can place anything on the decks from paint cans to boxes of toys. But what do you do with all the nuts and bolts or other bits and bobs that are too small to place on shelves? Instead of investing in a new unit, most likely a cabinet with drawers, use jars, as you probably have plenty of them lying around and screw their tops into the shelves you already got.

Innovation in the garage doesn’t just apply to the organization. You can also make your garage more practical and more secure with a garage door opener. This will be very useful especially if you plan on storing more expensive items in the garage such a a lawn mower or a snow blower. Check out the latest garage door opener ratings and see which products scores best on security features. When comparing the latest garage door opener ratings, also keep in mind some convenience features such as an universal keypad or a remote control.