If you plan to have a wedding on a budget, you have to take into consideration making the favours by your own. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of money, and offer your guests a memory made by you, to show them that you are grateful they participate to this important event. There are so many possibilities when considering this idea, and you should take your time, browse through them, and see which one of them you like. After deciding upon a model, you have to purchase the supplies for crafting them, and the main ones are the printed ribbons for favours.

Personalised coins

This is one of the most amazing ideas, because you do not have to pay a lot of money for it. You should find a company which can provide you personalised coins, which feature a message like “For richer & For poorer”, or you can simply write your names on it, and hang the coin on a card with a piece of ribbon.

Cake pops

If you are the type of persons who likes sweets, you can share this passion with your guests. You can collaborate with a chocolate company you can ask to personalise you two types of pops, one in white and one in black, and place them in a bag tied with a ribbon strap and a card. On the card, you can write a message of gratitude for your guests, the date of your wedding and your names.


If you are the type of person who likes plants, and you want to offer your guests a gift, which will last a longer period, then you should consider succulents. You can plant them with a year before, in special pots, and care them until the wedding day. Do not forget to tie them with a ribbon bow before the wedding, and hang a card with your names on it.


If you prefer to have a wedding where the guests are only your friends, then you can opt for a funny idea. You can make donuts with chocolate topping, and place them in little boxes. You can opt for white and black chocolate topping, or if you want something, more colourful you have the possibility to decorate the donuts with different colour tops. After placing them in boxes, tie them with a ribbon bow for making them look like a surprise gift.