Wood flooring is just one of those renovations that completely change the look of your home. The rustic appearance of wood flooring actually makes the house more inviting and there is no beauty that can match it. If you want to get new wood underfoot right away, then you should consider installing a floating floor. This product is so easy to install that it is gaining more and more popularity in different regions of the world. However, this is not the only reason why people choose parquet flottante. Floating flooring comes with some distinct advantages that you may want to consider before venturing yourself.

The floor is not nailed down

As the name clearly suggests, floating floors are not nailed down as are traditional solid-wood strips. The term floating floor does not refer to a specific type of flooring, but rather the method used for laying down the planks and the boards. Floating floor basically means a floor that lies on the surface of an original floor. Instead of being nailed down, the planks are actually glued or snapped together, which means that the planks can be installed really fast. Since the floor is so easy to install you can perform the task yourself. You can join together the floorboards without having to use specialized tool and the process will not take up much of your time. The coating will be ready for your furniture in less than a day.

A range of available choices

The good news is that you have the possibility of choosing from several floating floor materials. Firstly, floating floors are found in both laminate and hardwood flooring. Laminate is made to resemble hardwood in terms of look and texture. The most important advantage of laminate is that it is considerably cheaper than hardwood, meaning that you can save a lot of money in labor. However, laminate floors do not provide the same warmth as engineered hardwood floors. This type of flooring is sturdy, not to mention that no floor looks alike. You do not have to content yourself with just one color or shade. If you had to make a choice, this would be the best one.

Resistance to humidity

One of the most important features of floating floors is that they are able to withstand humidity. As you know very well, changes in seasons bring about high levels of humidity. Hardwood is a porous material, meaning that it will soak up all the moisture from the air and expand. When the atmosphere dries out, the floor will contract because it loses moisture. You will not have the same issues with floating floors as you would have with a hardwood floor that cracks as the result of the expansion and contraction. They are perfectly resistant to moisture.

Finally, you can install the floating floor at any level of the home, whether above or below. You have the possibility of installing the floating floor over traditional subfloor such as vinyl, tile and of course wood. With this type of flooring installation will not turn into a nightmare. Therefore, to make your house intimate put in a floating floor.